Sissies Maid Erotic Hypnosis

Sissies Maid Erotic Hypnosis recordings mp3 is for all sissies that are serious about training. A hypnotized sissy maid is perfect in every way; wearing makeup is what a true sissy should do. Sissies maid erotic hypnosis will set you are the correct path to sissydom. Nothing is more discouraging to mistress than seeing a sissies maid without make up. Sissy maids are a wonderful breed of male, they are kind loving, giving and very eager to please and to serve their mistress to their utmost ability. Be proud of your urges to submit and give of yourself to me with my sissies maid erotic hypnosis recordings mp3. Your need is to serve and your craving for punishment, desire to me feminized gets ever stronger.

Practice always makes perfect and you do want to be perfect for me. You need to practice being a sissy maid under hypnosis with my sissies maid erotic hypnosis not only will your body be dressed and face made up with your make-up immaculate but your mind and very soul will be trained by me with sissies maid erotic hypnosis the truly perfect combination. It may sound harsh but to be in true sissification you will also be put into chastity training and please remember I am doing this for your own good. I want you to be the perfect hypnotized sissies maid with my erotic hypnosis recordings mp3. Here is just a short clip of one of my wonderful sissies maid erotic hypnosis mp3 now be a good girl and go and purchase one immediately

  • Sissy Menstrual Hypnosis

    Sissy Menstrual Hypnosis 
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    Sissy menstrual hypnosis takes your mind and body into deep trance and transforms you into the perfect sissy maid slut about to start her period or menstruate.

  • Sissies Milking Erotic Hypnosis Mp3

    Sissies Milking Erotic Hypnosis Mp3 
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    All sissies need to be put into chastity and made to stay that way until I choose to unlock them. Then with my sissies milking hypnosis mp3, start milking.

  • Maid Sissification Hypnosis

    Maid Sissification Hypnosis 
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    Maid sissification erotic hypnosis recordings mp3 time is here for you and so your transformation begins. The slightest movement of your body forces the satin to go deeper

  • Sissy Maid Erotic Hypnosis MP3

    Sissy Maid Erotic Hypnosis MP3 
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    Sissy maid erotic hypnosis recordings mp3 will let you travel with me, on a wonderful sissy maid journey. A sissy maids’ hypnotic dream come true to be hypnotized by me, your beautiful mistress, I will control your mind easily just with this erotic hypnosis mp3.

  • Crossdressing Hypnosis

    Crossdressing Hypnosis 
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    Crossdressing hypnosis will transform you in the sexy girl you have always wanted to be, with the perfect hour glass figure. With crossdressing hypnosis an erotic hypnosis recordings downloads

  • Feminization Hypnosis MP3

    Feminization Hypnosis MP3 
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    Feminization hypnosis MP3 helps you to feel and act as a woman in society with certain triggers or phrases, hypnosis techniques are useful and widely used.

  • CB3000 Chastity Training

    CB3000 Chastity Training 
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    The CB3000 chastity training device is ideal for chastity training that disobedient? Who can’t control themselves? That needs to be locked up in chastity with a CB3000.

  • Shemale Cock Hypnosis

    Shemale Cock Hypnosis 
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    Shemale cock hypnosis recordings download mp3 sessions enjoying your femininity entranced with shemale cock hypnosis. Though you have masculine genitalia and the uniqueness